Small Life Lessons for a Happier Life

I wrote this book when I was 23, and wanted to figure out all the answers to life myself.

I had just given my CA Final exams (which I went on to clearing with very good marks) and yet I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, what did I want to end up doing, and where did I want to go.

That curiosity led me to writing this book that you are going to read right now.

I started jotting down what all I had learned in life so far, and lo and behold, everything in life comes down to these four things: Awareness; Action; Reflection; and Being and Living


Here are the four parts of the book:


19 small chapters of small (and helpful) truths of life we need to be aware of



20 small chapters of how to take your awareness and take small, meaningful actions that make you powerful



4 chapters of where in life we need to reflect the most


Being and Living:

5 chapters on how to execute everything you learnt - including the celebration of Hero in You, the biggest misery in the world, Life Saving Interpretations and Mindsets of Life

I understand sometimes we don't have time to read a full book.


And we need to make the best of our few minutes to learn something powerful.


This is what the two-page chapters of this book will do for you!


Get it now and find what you are looking for!



Because what you are looking for, is looking for YOU! :)

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