On my first visit to Mumbai at the age of 20, I was sitting and pondering at the Band Stand - lost and confused about life.

That’s when SRK popped out of Mannat, gave me a huge break and changed my life forever!


Except that it isn’t true :)

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My life was just a “normally lost” life till the age of 23, when I decided to write my first book.

I was pursuing CA, aiming to get a good job, become a CEO of some company some day and life was set!

But how to clear the exam of CA – was still a looming problem!

That’s when I got in touch with good books – purely by serendipity.

I was hanging around in Crossword bookstore in December 2012 (aged 21) and my eyes stopped on a book called “The Magic”. I just couldn’t get my attention off it. So I bought it, did all twenty-eight exercises in the book for the next one month and bam! At the end of one month, I was addicted to reading good books.

This addiction lead me to reading “Who will cry when you die” by Robin Sharma – that was kept in my book shelf for long. That book had several other book recommendations and the never-ending addiction to knowledge took off!

It was indeed these self-help books and acting on the wisdom they shared that I was able to clear CA Final exams in the first attempt with very good marks!


But wait, when you are preparing for CA, you are also addicted to being productive. But after my exams, all I had was “vellapan” aka nothingness. That is when I wrote and published my first book.

After that, job happened and I was lost.
For five years.
Trying to “prove myself”.
Trying to get things done.
Trying to make a dent in the Universe.

Unable to figure out that my own life now had a dent that was just getting bigger by the day.


That’s when, in June 2020, I moved out from my full-time job and plunged to writing full-time.

Up until then, I had been freelancing on the side as well as creating my own content. Now was the time to make it full-fledged.

Did I ever fail?


I did once, in September – December 2018, when I had quit my first job for the same reasons without any back-up plan. This led me to joining job#2 in December 2018, and also saved me from making the same mistakes in June 2020.

Till date I fail a lot in my career as a freelance content writer.
And that's super important, because we get to the depths of our character and career when everything goes for a toss.

Though some good things did come out of my first two job experiences as an Internal Auditor:

  • I gave three back-to-back critical reports, highlighting 10+ critical issues in three months, the team benchmark for a year was 3.

  • Always adhered to timelines for delivery of work and also detected multiple cases of fraud and non-adherence to process to save up time.

  • Trained 4 new team members into first year in the job, and leading them to understanding of processes.

  • Detected  financial loss of over 4 Cr. (in a year) due to misaligned processes.

  • Also, I used to travel for fifty days a year along with continuing to read and exercise daily (if that counts as an achievement! :) )


Currently I’m an author of two books and a full-time freelance content writer, and if you’d want me to help you on content for your brand, let’s head over here!

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