I've been writing content for my clients for quite some time, and would love to help you for your content requirements.

Here's some of the ways by which I could be of help to you:


linkedin personal branding

Lead to 10X - 15X engagement for a startup founder with almost 2X'ing the number of their followers (3.6K to 6.6K) in six months, along with almost one post getting viral each week


social media content

Lead to 67% increase in the number of followers of a client (from 6K to 10K) in 50 days, along with 2X - 3X engagement on every post.


blogs and articles

Long form articles / blogs that engage and drive action.
(PS: I've also been writing my daily blog for 3+ years, and for someone I work with, for 6+ months)


Book reviews/ summaries

I've been reading self-help since 2012, and writing a book summary on Twitter every Tuesday.


website copies

Copies that engage, gain trust of customers and of course, convert!


Write to me on ngehija454@gmail.com and let's get your content relevant to the context and what you are looking for:)

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